Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Corporate partnerships enable EdenAcres to have a greater impact in our community and offer businesses tax deductions, publicity in the community and reinforcement of strong company values. EdenAcres invites you to join us in the transformation of our community. There are several ways your company can partner with EdenAcres:


Tax Deductible Gift

A tax deductible donation to EdenAcres is a great way to invest in your community, demonstrate your commitment to building healthy communities, all while receiving charitable tax benefits.


Event sponsorship

EdenAcres sponsors several events a year, including the EdenAcres Fall Festival.  This event occurs every fall and provides an opportunity for your company to receive visibility while demonstrating your commitment to building strong and resiliant communities in the Forest Grove region.


Foundation Grants

If your company supports a foundation, EdenAcres provides a wonderful opportunity for your tax-deductible charitable foundation gift.


Material donations

Please see our Wish List


Volunteer Opportunities (individual and company)

Contact Us to learn more about the many ways you can get involved!


For more information about creating a corporate partnership with EdenAcres, call us at (440) 479-4813 or send us a note here:  Contact Us. 


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Contact us:


(440) 479-4813

P.O. Box 51 

Forest Grove, OR   97116

EdenAcres Environmental Education
  • Early Learning and Homeschool outdoors

  • School Gardens and Outdoor Classrooms 

  • Programs, Classes & Field Trips for K-20

  • Curriculum & Design Services for Schools

  • Site Design, Construction & Maintenence

EdenAcres is a
Lions Club and a 501c3
tax exempt organization