Forest Kindergarten

Ages 3-5

What we do

We celebrate that children learn through hands-on and minds-on experiences by providing opportunities each day for your child to select, explore, and practice skills. What may look like “just play” to an adult is a child actively learning. Through play, a child develops problem-solving, social skills, self-regulation, language skills, and motor skills. At the Mahonia Forest Kindergarten, we foster the development of the whole child through emergent, child-centered learning through play, exploration, and discovery in the natural world.



We envision a community that cares for the Earth and for people, where children and families have the resources and support necessary to live, happy, healthy, and abundant lives. Our goal is ecological literacy for all learners in our community. We acknowledge that there are many access points to addressing a changing climate, to increasing academic achievement, and improving the lives of children and families. We have chosen education as our focal point because we believe that education is the means by which we pass culture from one generation to the next.  Mahonia Forest Kindergarten is one of four programs we offer that work towards creating a more happy, healthy, and abundant community.



Emergent Learning - Children are naturally curious, asking questions and discovering the world around them through their senses, play, and exploration. Our curriculum is responsive to children’s interests in order to create meaningful learning experiences.


Emotional & Physical Safety - We create safe places where children can thrive while being able to engage in reasonable risk-taking during play.


Families - Families carry and pass down their wisdom from generation to generation. We honor the beautiful diversity of families and encourage family involvement through participation in annual celebrations and festivals, volunteering, and family classes, workshops, and events.


Excellence - We use methods and practices that are evidence-based and supported by quality data in order to cultivate learning. Our staff are educated and experienced in a variety of areas that enable a diverse learning experience.

Nurturing Individuality - Your little ones are unique. We embrace and encourage each child’s uniqueness by providing kids with a variety of experiences and choices. Our educators work hard to inspire and nurture individuality, one connection at a time.


Enrollment & Location 

Families can choose to enroll their child in the two or three day per week sessions. We offer a Tuesday/Wednesday class and a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday class. Both classes begin in September and run through June with winter and spring breaks. 

8:45 am - 12:15 pm


Our site is the forest adjacent to Edible Stories Market Garden . Edible Stories, located in the beautiful hills of Helvetia, specializes in growing and providing a huge variety of chemical-free vegetables, with an added unusual focus on Asian and Indian vegetables. The name 'Stories' is not due to the many stories Lakshmi & Ganesh have on how they have worked this lovely land into a market garden, but rather, the name comes from the way they uniquely designed the gardens, using the natural gentle slope of the hillside to create terraces or 'Stories' with rows of produce. 



13652 NW Logie Trail, Hillsboro, 97124



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Mahonia Forest Kindergarten


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