EdenAcres Environmental Education is excited to announce that we are hiring a full-time garden coordinator for the upcoming academic year! 


Interested candidates can learn more about the school garden program and our partnership with the Forest Grove School District by visiting our website: https://www.edenacres.org/teacher-services


Please send application materials to info.edenacres@gmail.com by Friday, July 3, 2020.


The ideal candidate has ample experience in the field of education, a strong understanding of outdoor classroom management, and excellent organizational skills. The person should be able to work well on a team AND work independently by taking the lead in running several garden programs in Forest Grove-Cornelius schools. They should genuinely enjoy working with elementary-aged students as well as all aspects of gardening; from planting, growing, and harvesting to working with teachers and students to design, build, and maintain safe and accessible outdoor learning environments.


We encourage candidates with diverse cultural identities to apply.


School Garden Coordinator and Educator Position Description

The School Garden Coordinator (SGC) works closely with the Forest Grove School District (FGSD) to develop and deliver school gardens and garden programming. The garden coordinator works closely with teachers to implement learning opportunities (such as in class lessons, field trips, and lunch programs) that are age, developmentally, and culturally relevant and appropriate, as well as Common Core/NGSS/STEAM aligned. The SGC is responsible for maintaining and developing school gardens that complement each school’s unique needs and vision, supporting and providing resources for teachers, and working to increase accessibility and quality of garden-based programs district-wide. This is a full-time position (40 hours/week).


EdenAcres and FGSD value diversity and serve a community with a high percentage of Spanish speaking and ESL families. Several of our elementary schools are bilingual schools where the entire school speaks English and Spanish on alternating days. Fluency in Spanish is highly preferred for this position.


Responsibilities include

  • Work with k-12 teachers and FGSD facilities team to develop and implement garden maintenance and development plans.

  • Collaborate with community and schools to design and develop garden classrooms

  • Implement projects to enhance the physical space and increase accessibility and learning opportunities

  • Write grants and manage donations to fund programming and develop outdoor learning environments.

  • Ensure continual safety of spaces and ensure any schools participating in tastings adhere to ODE Farm to School garden safety guidelines

  • Continue with ongoing garden development and maintenance (5-10 hours/week)


Supervision and volunteer development (5-10 hours/week)

  • Manage and train 2 3 Pacific University Work Study students in assisting with garden maintenance and garden-based programming

  • Organize work parties and lead volunteer teams

  • Advertise volunteer opportunities through email, online platforms, and flyers

  • Involve families and community groups  in garden events, summer programming, and garden development


Direct Instruction: (10-15 hours/ week)

  • Deliver garden and outdoor-based lessons to classes K-4

  • Coordinate field trip and community engagement opportunities

  • Implement and support weekly garden lunch and recess programming


Curriculum and Professional Development: (2-5 hours/ week)

  • Assist and support teachers in developing age and culturally appropriate, place-based Common Core/NGSS/STEAM aligned garden-based curriculum

  • Organize and lead monthly Garden Education Meetings for teachers and community members

  • Connect teachers to local resources and support for garden education


General Responsibilities: (2 hours/ week)

  • Maintain regular contact with EdenAcres about all activities.

  • Record hours, activities, and results.

  • Track number of teachers, students, and student hours. 

  • Take pictures, document work, and ask for  photo releases.

  • Track expenses and maintain budget.

  • Implement program evaluation

  • Update social media for program

  • Generate end of year report of the program for the FGSD and EdenAcres


Required Skills & Characteristics:

  • Excellent communication and writing skills. 

  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to coordinate groups of diverse participants

  • Experience in managing people

  • Experience in evaluating program effectiveness

  • Resourceful, with strong problem solving skills

  • Delegate tasks successfully

  • Passion for outdoor and experiential education

  • Experience working with children/youth ranging from k-12

  • Gardening and design/build skills, Permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability

  • Understanding of public school settings



  • Experience in administration

  • Bilingual English/Spanish strongly preferred


Hours and Compensation:

Approximately 40 hrs/wk@$20.00/hour


How to apply:

Send your resume and cover letter to info.edenacres@gmail.com. by 5pm on Friday, July 3rd.


About the Forest Grove School District:

The Forest Grove School District comprises twelve schools, including eight elementary schools and four secondary schools. The FGSD serves over 6,000 students and their families in the Forest Grove and Cornelius communities. The FGSD implements the Gomez & Gomez Dual Language Program in varying degrees at Echo Shaw Elementary, Cornelius Elementary, Tom McCall Upper Elementary, and Neil Armstrong Middle School.


About EdenAcres Environmental Education:

EdenAcres, along with the Forest Grove School District, supports the School Garden Coordinator position. EdenAcres is a non-profit organization which develops exciting, engaging, and curiosity-inspiring educational experiences in outdoor settings for learners of all ages. 

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