What's in a Name?

The credit for our name goes to Marcia Wilcox, who came up with this awesome acronym when we were in the "lets do an acronym!" phase of our naming brainstorm.  While we love the craziness of the giant word string describing our aspirations, we like our name for a few other reasons as well.


Mirriam-Webster defines Eden as "a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty" and that's how we feel about our Willamette Valley.  Whether or not we were born here, each of us has made this valley our home and is committed to caring for both the human and natural communities that live here.  We feel the beauty of the surroundings in which we work is very deserving of the reference to paradise!


Also, the biblical story of Eden describes falling away or separating from a garden that provided for every need of the humans living there.  We feel this is an apt reference, given our focus on sustainability.  Through fostering the development of environmental literacy, we hope to "get ourselves back to the garden" by helping to create a community that lives in harmony with nature rather than in discord with it.  


S&H Landscape

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EdenAcres Environmental Education
  • Early Learning and Homeschool outdoors

  • School Gardens and Outdoor Classrooms 

  • Programs, Classes & Field Trips for K-20

  • Curriculum & Design Services for Schools

  • Site Design, Construction & Maintenence

EdenAcres is a
Lions Club and a 501c3
tax exempt organization