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Gardening Lesson

Where learning comes alive

School gardens are more than a place to learn about growing food. These spaces are powerful educational tools that provide endless opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning. From applying the Pythagorean theory  Math skills are reinforced by measuring plots, counting seeds, and determining appropriate soil depth and spacing. Students can track plant growth, create growth charts, and determine growth rates. Language skills strengthened through keeping a garden journal and writing garden poems and stories, by studying new vocabulary that relates to gardens and plants, or by brainstorming different adjectives to describe each plant in the garden. Geography and history come alive when students study the origins of fruits and vegetables and about the people who grew and ate them across the world. 

"Learning comes alive for teachers and students in a school garden! There isn’t a subject that can’t be taught in this natural environment!"

-Martha Deichler, Principal, Borrego Springs Elementary School, California

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