Permaculture Design Course


Permaculture asks the question:  How can we design natural and social communities that equitably provide for our needs without exceeding the limits imposed by the realities of the earth's physical systems? 




  • looking to nature for inspiration and information

  • engaging our creative problem-solving abilities to produce practical plans

  • applying elbow grease to implement our ideas

  • reflectively assessing results for improvement through iteration


we can explore ways to answer that question within the context of our local geography, climate, and culture.


Our 92 hour course is based on the core curriculum published by the Permaculture Institute of North America.  We emphasize problem-solving and the creative design process through hands-on experiences that solidify understanding.



Our primary location is a rural permaculture homestead on a 10 acre Metro property just south of Forest Grove overlooking the Wapato.  

We will take field trips to nearby examples



Terry O'Day


Steve O'Day


Marcia Wilcox


Fallon Harris


Charlene Murdock



S&H Landscape

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