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We believe that a successful learning environment consists of three interacting parts: Curriculum, Site, and Organizational Infrastructure.  To this end we:

- Design programs and curricula that make best use of site attributes and that promote social and eco literacy as well as academic achievement across disciplines for all ages

- Build aesthetically pleasing and safe learning environments with multiple elements that support a wide range of curricular directions and learner interests 

- Embed funding and staff support so that site and program needs are provided for through normal institutional operations

Watch the garden grow at Harvey Clarke!

Video by: Machelle Childers (1st grade) and Mindy Perkins (4th grade)

School Garden Support

In order to support schools and teachers wishing to take advantage of the many benefits outdoor learning provides, we've teamed up with the Dairy Creek Community Food Web and Pacific University to provide the three elements we believe are essential to a good school garden:

  • Professional development and community building for teachers using gardens 

  • Equipment, supplies, and personpower for installing and maintaining the gardens themselves

  • A coordinator to manage and organize garden activities across schools. 


Through courses and policies that promote civic engagement, Pacific University encourages faculty and students to participate in community activities. Many students have contributed to the development of school gardens in a variety of ways. Their efforts are a significant factor in our garden successes. 

As described in this recent article in the FG NEwsTmes, Dairy Creek Community Food Web has been active in its pursuit of grants to help fund our shared interests with school gardens. With their help, we've been able to hire a School Garden Coordinator (Colleen Walker) to help manage professional development activities for teachers, and build and maintain gardens at schools. We will continue to advocate with the school district for a permanent funding source for this very important position but in the meantime, we appreciate the amazing work being done by our partners at DCCFW!

EdenAcres and Dairy Creek Community Food Web have teamed up to host our monthly Garden Educator Meetups. Each meeting provides professional development opportunities, guest speakers, and/or resource support for our community of teachers and volunteers dedicated to growing garden-based learning in our schools.

We've allocated significant funding towards designing, installing, and maintaining school gardens. Teachers can easily access these funds through our garden reimbursement forms. 

Our School Garden Coordinator is focused on facilitating classroom access to school gardens. By delivering Common Core/NGSS/STEAM aligned garden-based curriculum, garden maintenance support, curriculum resources for educators, and after school club opportunities, our Garden Coordinator works to develop a rich relationship between each school and their garden.

Curriculum Development Support

Interested in bringing your students outdoors but not sure how to do it?  No problem!  Let our experienced staff work with you to develop experiential outdoor activities that fit your needs.   Some of our clients include Roots and Shoots, Forest Grove Community School, Fernhill Elementary, and Adelante Chicas. Contact us to see how we can help you get your students learning outdoors! We can help design and deliver activities that integrate your curricular content and learning goals with academic standards in ways that develop intrinsic motivation to empower learners of all ages.

Garden Design & Build

Every school needs an outdoor classroom that provides students with a diversity of opportunities to address academic goals through experiential learning. While any time outside is beneficial, outdoor classrooms work best when they are specifically designed to support the learning activities that participants will engage in. Some elements of a great outdoor classroom might include gardens, gathering areas, eating areas, tool storage, earth ovens, rocket stoves and housing for animals such as chickens or rabbits. Of course safety is a primary consideration regardless of activity. While it may be easy to fill an area with the elements listed above, it is much harder to build the synergistic relationships between them that can make your outdoor classroom truly become much more than the sum of its parts. We are experts at designing these kinds of spaces and welcome the opportunity to work with you to create an outdoor classroom at your location that will be enjoyed by all who use it.


To find out more, give us a call at (440) 479-4813.  Or send us a note

Organizational Support

We hear what you are saying - This all sounds great but how much does it all cost?  While volunteer support has been a critical element of the No Child Left Inside movement, we know that environmental literacy must be supported by our civic institutions in order for it to really happen.  To this end, we work with institutions and organizations to find funding from a variety of sources for pilot programs that can demonstrate the individual, social, and academic power of experiential place-based sustainability education. We believe that the learners themselves are the best testament to the value of this kind of education.  By helping our community to develop and support programs that provide learners with opportunities to give back as they learn, we help build a culture of active participation that benefits both the natural and social communities we live in.


S&H Landscape

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