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We believe...

in providing high quality environmental education for all

Equity in education is one of our core values. We are committed to ensuring that families from all walks of life have access to high quality environmental education. In order to ensure that our programs are available to all families, we offer scholarships and a volunteerism for tuition reduction program. Families may apply for one or both of these programs. Eligibility is dependent upon your family's unique needs. If you feel that the cost of attendance is restrictive, we encourage you to apply for one of these programs. We encourage families to first apply for the Volunteerism for Tuition Reduction Program before requesting a scholarship. But, we recognize that not all families will have the capacity to give their time and so we also offer the Scholarship Program. 

Volunteerism for Tuition Reduction Program 

Being an active volunteer strengthens our community, fosters joy in our growth and development efforts, and creates opportunities for connection to people and place. In the giving of your time and talent at EdenAcres, families help to model community engagement for our children. 

We use the national standard set by the Independent Sector and the Do Good Institute for the value of volunteer time to put a dollar value to the hours contributed to tuition reduction. The most recent value of volunteer time, as of April 2022, is $29.95/hr. Eligible families may contribute up to 20 hrs per semester per number of days enrolled towards tuition reduction. For example, if your child is enrolled one day per week and your family contributes 20 hrs per semester, this equals a discount of $599 for the semester, making your total tuition $801/semester. 

Families are asked to provide demographic and financial information along with a brief description of your family’s unique circumstances and needs. Eligibility will be determined based on a family's financial need and specific circumstances. To apply for tuition reduction, please complete the form @ 

Volunteer Opportunities 
All volunteer opportunities described in this guide are organized into the following categories:

  • Parent Council

  • Community 

  • Stewardship

Parent Council 
The Parent Council promotes community and growth by encouraging families and the school community to connect through various activities and fundraising events hosted by the school. 

Parent Council Meetings - The Parent Council meets monthly at a time to be determined by the Parent Council. EA’s Outreach & Program Coordinator attends these meetings and aids in providing information about what is happening at EdenAcres, the school’s policies and operations, and as an ambassador for the organization as a whole. There’s also time to chat with EdenAcres friends, old and new. All parents are welcome to attend Parent Council meetings.

Seasonal Celebrations - The Parent Council is asked to hold two seasonal celebrations each year. The first in the late fall when we say goodbye to autumn and welcome winter, and the second in the spring as we shed our winter layers and rejoice in the longer, warmer days of spring. 

Coffee & Tea Social Hours - After drop-off, parents are invited to gather in the Name-this-Space and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and each other's company before moving on with their day. Hot water and tea will be available. We invite you to bring a lite nibble to share. 

Building a strong sense of community and place aids in our collective wellbeing, resiliency, and connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Through our Forest & Farm School community events, we share and invest our time, energy, and talents in the collective vision. 

Community opportunities may include: 

  • Preparing a meal for a family in the community welcoming a new baby or healing from an injury or other life event.

  • Welcome new families to the community throughout the academic year

  • Assisting in facilitating Coffee Socials and other social events

  • Be an Open House Ambassador - Help set up the open houses and guide guest tours of Forest & Farm School at these events.

  • Write thank-you cards to families they personally guided and invite them to learn more about EdenAcres.


Lend a hand in creating the vision for the future of our school sites. An interest in and/or knowledge of building and construction, landscape planning, farming, and creating teaching spaces is helpful but not at all a prerequisite. We invite anyone who is interested in helping with school site development to inquire about these opportunities. Stewardship Days are offered quarterly and are organized by the Outreach & Program Coordinator and the Facilities Manager. Other Stewardship Projects occur at various times throughout the year and will be announced to families as they occur. 


Stewardship Projects may include:

  • Caring for our school gardens

  • Building & classroom enhancements

  • Trail development & maintenance 

  • School Beautification ~ planting flowers, murals, painting, pruning, etc.


Scholarship Program 

Families may apply for a scholarship for the program of their choice for up to 65% reduction of the tuition or fee. Families are asked to provide demographic and financial information as well as provide a brief description of your family’s specific circumstances. We encourage families to only ask for what they need so that scholarship funds can be available for as many families as possible. 

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