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Community Impact

We've been increasing access to and creating systems that support place-based, environmental education since 2014. We envision a world that cares for the Earth and its people, is equitable, and exists within the limits of the ecosystems that provide for our needs. We understand that fostering ecological literacy will help us to realize that vision. Ecological literacy and having a connection to place are key components to creating a sustainable future for all, now and for future generations.


There are many access points to addressing a changing climate, to increasing academic achievement, and improving the lives of children and families. We have chosen education as our focal point because we believe that education is a primary means by which we pass culture from one generation to the next. 


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering learners of all ages to leave our Earth a little better than we found it. 

We serve more than 6,000 children and families each year.

School Gardens for All

kids eating from the garden

Through partnership with the Forest Grove School District, we have designed and built garden classrooms for every school in the district and developed STEM/STEAM, NGSS and Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan aligned curriculum for k-12 students. 

  • 6,000+ students have access to green school yards and school gardens

  • Hands-on, project-based classes for ~100 at-risk high school students at the Community Alternative Learning Center

  • Serving a student population that is:

    • 54.9 % Latinx

    • 41.2% eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced price meal program

    • 21.9% of students are English language learners

Forest & Farm School and

Forest Keepers Middle School

Families education journeys for their children are as diverse as they and their children are. We support families who have chosen homeschooling and families whose children need alternative learning spaces to the public school option in order to thrive through our nature immersion programs for 5 - 14 year olds. 

  • 75+ families participate annually

  • 49% of families qualify and are enrolled in our Scholarship Program

  • An inclusive learning environment where children that are non neurotypical and neurotypical learn, play, and explore side by side. 

kid chopping wood
kids with veggies

Summer Outdoors

Providing nature immersion summer day programs for families across the socio-economic spectrum. Like our Forest & Farm School programs, Summer Outdoors is an inclusive space where non neurotypical children and youth learn, play, and explore alongside their neurotypical peers in the outdoors. 

  • 100+ families participate each summer

  • 25% of families qualify for our Scholarship Program

  • Supporting an inclusive space for children and youth of diverse abilities

Equity in Education

Equity in Education is one of our core values. Our tuition model provides the opportunity for us to live into this value. It is a tool that allows for our services to be obtained at multiple price points based on your family's circumstances. We are using this model as a means of increasing access to alternative education and as a tool of economic justice. 

So, how's it working??

revenue breakdown for equitable tuition model
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