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"EdenAcres is hands-down my son's all-time favorite homeschooling activity. Every day he asks if it's an “Eden Acres” day, (he attends twice per week) and eagerly counts down the days until he can return. Fallon (aka “Falcon”) Harris is the director, whose mission is to provide a unique full-day multi-age environmental education program specifically for homeschoolers. 

Fallon, along with her competent staff, facilitate fort and wigwam building, fire-making, plant identification, knife-safety and whittling skills, bow and arrow making, and nature journal observations, among other activities. They learn community-building through group games and discussions, that extend even to economic models put into practice through the exchange of wood-chip “currency” for the acquisition of bows, arrows or wood for building, and even property and land management for future fort construction.

My son has ample opportunity to apply his engineering and math spatial skills to design and execute the building of multi-story forts and climbable structures. He is always eager to start his day and comes home proud of his accomplishments. This program is great for boosting self-confidence and competence.

His only complaint is that he cannot attend Eden Acres every day of the year."

- Lara & Zeke

Ages 7-12

Forest school is open to all who are interested in giving their child a nature immersion experience at a fully outdoor program. At the heart and soul of forest school is engagement with the natural world. We spend our days engaging with the forest environment while building confidence and leadership, provoking a sense of awe, and inspiring feelings of stewardship. Through hands-on projects, journaling, play, and exploration children learn how to overcome adversity, work alongside others, and develop a deeper relationship with nature while having fun and learning outdoors. 

Each day children will move between instructor-directed activities and self-directed play, both of which play important roles in the holistic development of a child’s hands, heart, and mind. Our place-based curriculum integrates reading, writing, math, social studies, and the arts through hands-on projects, games, and activities.



Fall and Spring Semesters   

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00 am-3:00 pm 

We offer flexible enrollment options to meet your family's unique needs. Whether you are using our programs as a supplement to your homeschool adventure or as a primary part of your child's learning, we have an option for you. Enroll in 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week. Select a single semester (16 weeks) or full year (32 weeks) enrollment option. 


Fall Semester (16 weeks): 9/12/22 - 1/27/23

First day of fall semester: Monday, September 12

Thanksgiving Break: November 21 - 25

Winter Break: December 19 - January 6 

Spring Semester (16 weeks): 1/30/23 - 5/26/23

First day of spring semester: Monday, January 30

Spring Break: March 20 - 24

Last day of spring semester: May 26


Hillsboro Forest School Campus @ 16528 Johnson Road, Hillsboro, OR 97124 (use this link for forest school entrance)

How Much?

Flexible payment plans are available! We also offer a range of discounts and scholarships. If you feel that cost is restrictive, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship. Ensuring equity in access to high-quality environmental education is one of our core values. Our scholarship program is a pillar of the program and we are proud to help families provide this experience for their children. 

Fall Semester:

1 day/week for 16 week session- $1,400 

2 days/week for 16 week session - $2,800

3 days/week for 16 week session - $4,200

4 days/week for 16 week session - $5,600

Spring Semester:

1 day/week for 16 week session- $1,400 

2 days/week for 16 week session - $2,800

3 days/week for 16 week session - $4,200

4 days/week for 16 week session - $5,600


Sibling Discounts 2nd child 5% / 3rd child 10% 

Tuition paid in full in June 2022, for a 5% discount

Tuition paid in full in August 2022, for a 2% discount

$50 off for payments made via check


Equity in education is a core value of our organization and we are committed to welcoming families from all walks of life and all circumstances into our community. In order to ensure that our forest school is available to all families, we offer scholarships. Please complete the scholarship application here.

If you are able, please consider donating to the scholarship fund and help a fellow family! 


Daily Rhythm**

9:00 - 9:15  Drop-off

9:00 - 9:30    Forest Exploration

9:30 - 10:00  Morning Circle/Stretching & Breathing/Teambuilding Activity

10:00 - 10:30 Game/Movement Activity/Exploration

10:30 - 11:30  Snack & Free Play

11:30 - 12:30  Exploration/Ancestral Skills/Project

12:30 - 1:30    Lunch & Free Play

1:30 -  2:45     Science-based inquiry/Project  

2:45 -  3:00    Clean-up & Closing Circle

3:00 -  3:15    Pick-up


**The daily rhythm described above is an example of the flow of the day. Instructors practice emergent and child-centered learning, meaning that we adjust and modify with the changing needs and interests of the children while incorporating in whatever the forest or farm has to offer on that specific day. 


Our Staff

Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds including education and natural sciences. No matter their educational background, all are experienced and passionate about sharing nature with children. Instructors are certified in CPR/First Aid, epipen administration, and hold a state of Oregon food handling certifications. Staff ratios are no larger than 8 students with 1 teacher for ages 7-12. All adults in the program have passed full background checks.

For all youth nature immersion program questions please email us at




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