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School Gardens

Children are intrinsically motivated to learn. They do so through play and exploring the world around them. Abundant time in natural settings yields long term benefits in children’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. On top of all that, nature is the perfect place to learn about the world we live in. The natural world provides the living context in which to learn about cycles, interdependence, energy and resources, scale and limits, diversity, succession, and sustainability. space where children can explore the natural world & learn to ask relevant questions, develop problem-solving skills & processes for thinking and searching for answers, & learn how to live, work, & communicate cooperatively.


A successful learning environment consists of three interacting parts:

Curriculum, Physical Environment, and

Organizational Infrastructure  

Curriculum Design - We work with your teachers and administration to integrate hands-on, project-based learning into your curriculum. Our curricula promote social-emotional learning and eco-literacy, as well as improve academic achievement across the academic disciplines while enhancing student engagement. Integrated curriculum comes with professional development for teachers to get them ready to teach in their new outdoor classrooms. 

Green Schoolyards - In collaboration with school faculty, staff, and administration, we reimagine the schoolyard and transform it into a space that provides safe and functional learning environments. Our outdoor classrooms ensure the health and safety of your students and teachers. 

Funding - We understand that budgets are tight. So, we partner with school districts and local organizations and companies to embed funding for developing green schoolyards and outdoor classrooms through grant writing, fundraising, and donations. 

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Explore a variety of hands-on virtual garden lessons for grades K-4th! Come along as we visit our school gardens, local farms, and more!

Fun for everyone! Our virtual field trips explore local gardens and farms and have printable accompanying resources.

Read along as Elin shares some of our favorite garden stories! Do you have a book you'd like Elin to read?  Send us a note at

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